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Ashfield & Mansfield Homefinder

Prioritising your application

We use a banding scheme to prioritise applications.

All applications will be assessed on their individual circumstances and placed into one of five bands based on the outcome of the assessment. Band 1 has the highest priority and Band 5 the lowest. You will be prioritised in each Band based on how long you have been in the band. This is known as your 'effective date'.

The table below sets out the banding scheme and gives examples of those applicants who would be eligible to be placed in each band. Please see the Policy document for a further description of each band.

 Band Criteria Examples
Band 1 Emergency and high priority
  • Homeless applicant to whom the Council has accepted a full duty
  • An applicant in a property subject to an Emergency Prohibition Order or Demolition Order
  • An applicant assessed as having a severe medical need
  • An applicant assessed as having a severe welfare need
  • Current or former members of the armed forces, including reserves with a service related injury
  • Bereaved spouses and civil partners of members of the Armed Forces, leaving Services Accommodation
  • An applicant in tied accommodation who qualifies under the Rent Agricultural Act 1976
  • Social Housing tenant 'succeeding' to a tenancy where the property is not suitable for their needs
  • An applicant who does not have a right to succeed to a Social Housing tenancy but is left in occupation
  • A Social Housing joint tenant, who qualify to move to a smaller property, as a result of a relationship breakdown
  • An applicant in Band 2 with two or more needs.
Band 2 Urgent need to move
  • An applicant threatened with homelessness within 3 months who is likely to lose their accommodation through no fault of their own
  • An applicant assessed as having a moderate medical need
  • An applicant assessed as having a moderate welfare need
  • A Social Housing tenant within Ashfield or Mansfield, who is under occupying by 1 or more bedrooms
  • An applicant whose household is overcrowded by 2 or more bedrooms
  • An applicant who have been rough sleeping for 4 weeks or more
  • An applicant who needs to re-locate as they have been offered, or have recently taken up an offer of employment or apprenticeship in the Homefinder area
  • A social housing tenant requiring to transfer for work related reasons
  • An applicant in Band 3 with 3 or more needs.
Band 3 Identified housing need
  • An applicant living in poor housing conditions
  • An applicant who has been assessed as homeless or threatened with homelessness, but is not in priority need or intentionally homeless
  • An applicant who has No Fixed Address
  • An applicant assessed as having a low medical need
  • An applicant assessed as having a low welfare need
  • A 'Golden Transfer' tenant who has been a tenant of their home for 2 years, has a clear rent account for 12 months, no record of any other breaches of their tenancy and no anti-social behaviour record
  • An applicant whose households are overcrowded by 1 bedroom
  • An applicant served with valid Notice to Quit,
  • An applicant with young children living in a flat above ground floor and/or lacking access to a garden
Band 4 Low housing need
  • An applicant assessed as having a band 1, 2 or 3 need but with signficant financial resources
  • An applicant whose behaviour, or the behaviour of a member of their household, affects their suitability to be a tenant.
  • An applicant who has deliberately worsened their circumstances
Band 5 All other applicants or no local connection
  • An applicant who is currently in prison
  • An applicant with significant financial resources and who is financially able to secure alternative accommodation at market rent
  • An applicant in properties requiring repairs that are able to be carried out
  • An applicant who is in accommodation that meets their needs
  • Owner occupiers
  • An applicant who reside in a Caravan and boat, an applicant who is currently in prison.
  • An applicant with no local connection but who is seeking a 60+ flat


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