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What Happens if I present as homeless

If you present as homeless or threatened with homelessness you will be required, if you haven't already applied foto Homefinder to complete a Homefinder application form then use the link at the bottom of the homepage and complete a Homeless Triage Form.

This form asks about you and your family and requires you to sign a disclosure statement allowing us to share the information you have given us with other agencies and where you are being threatened with homelessness by your Landlord or Mortgage Provider authority for us to discuss your case with them.

The Homeless Triage form also tries to establish your eligibility, whether you are entitled to help with housing.

We will also establish from this Homeless Triage form whether you have a priority housing need.

We will ask about your current circumstances and about why you are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

We will establish whether you have a local connection to Mansfield or Ashfield as this may limit the help that you get should you lose your accommodation.

We will ask you to provide a personal statement on why you are homeless and what help you require.

Once we have this information we will be able to look at your application and if necessary organize interim accommodation although with the new homeless legislation we hope to work with you before this happens.

You will then be invited for a formal homeless interview where we will obtain further information from you and provide you with a Personal Housing Plan.

This personal housing plan will list tasks that you are required to carry out in order to prevent yourself becoming homeless and what tasks the local authority will complete on your behalf.

Eventually a decision will be made on your homeless application which will mean that the local authority either has a duty to provide accommodation or you are deemed as intentionally homeless and the local authority doesn't owe you a duty.

If you are asked to attend an interview we will need you to upload your eligibility documents (usually photographic ID) and detaisl of your income, bank statements or pay slips, if these are not uploaded or brought to the interview we will not be able to move you application forward.