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Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence and Abuse

If you are scared, feeling threatened or you are being controlled by your partner, ex-partner or family member, then you may be experiencing domestic abuse.  It can include emotional, physical, financial, stalking, sexual abuse and most recently coercive and controlling behaviour.  You are not alone. Anyone can experience domestic abuse, any gender, age, race, religious group, class, ethnicity, disability.  It is important to remember that you are not to blame for domestic abuse.

There is a 24 hour free phone helpline in Nottinghamshire for women experiencing domestic abuse.  To talk to someone about what you are going through or to get advice or support in leaving contact:

0808 800 0340 (24 hours)

0808 800 0341 text-phone only (9-5)

Planning to leaveTry to:

  • Save some money for a taxi or bus fares;
  • Take an extra set of keys for house/car;
  • Keep together things you might need to take with you – keys, benefit books, medical cards, passport, marriage certificate, address book, bank details, house documents;
  • Leave when it's safe to do so – the helpline can help you plan this;
  • Remember your mobile phone (if you have one);
  • Take any essential medicines for you and your children;
  • Take enough clothes and a few of your children’s favourite things;
  • Confide in a friend/family member - perhaps leave a bag, money, documents with them or stay there overnight if you have to leave in an emergency;
  • Ensure children know how to call 999 and what to say.

Other domestic abuse support numbers you can call for help:

Across Nottinghamshire there are specialist domestic abuse organisations: that offer drop in sessions, emergency housing, support and information.


Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid - 01909 491330 (Women, children and young people in Mansfield, Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood).

Juno Women’s Aid - 0808 800 0340 (Women, children and young people in Ashfield, Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe and Nottingham City).

Equation - 0800 995 6999 (For men living in Nottinghamshire or Nottingham City)


Broxtowe Women’s Project

01773 718555

Midland’s Women’s Aid

0115 9257647

Newark Women’s Aid   

01636 679687

(NIDAS) North Nottinghamshire Independent Domestic Abuse Service

01623 683250

 Other useful numbers/resources

Lets Talk Wellbeing (9-5pm)                                                                                         01909 512351

Tpaz Centre (sexual abuse and violence)                                                                       0845 6001588

Galop (same sex abuse -10-8 Mon, Thurs & 10-5 Tues, Weds, Fri)                                0800 999 5428

(10-8 Mon, Thurs) and (10-5 Tues, Weds, Fri)

Nottingham Rape Crisis                                                                                               0115 9410440

Victim Support Notts (support for men and women                                                0845 4503899

Forced Marriage Helpline                                                                                            0800 5999247

Forward (Female Genital Mutilation)                                                                         020 895604000

Childline                                                                                                                        0800 1111

National Domestic Violence 24 hr helpline                                                               0808 2000247                               

Things to Remember:-

  • If you are or someone you know is in danger or at serious risk, contact 999 immediately.
  • To access refuge, plan leaving, make a safety plan or just talk contact:
  • 0808 800 0340 24 hours a day (language line available in 100 languages)
  • 0808 800 0341 (Text Phone 9.00a.m. – 5.00p.m.) This helpline is run by the Women’s Aid & Refuge
  • Helpline number for Agencies and referrals - 0115 9476490 (professionals who may be supporting a woman or child and needs advice