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Are you at risk of homelessness?

It will be a frightening and worrying time, acting quickly will make the situation easier to resolve and we want to help.

You can find more information at including self-help guides to help you immediately if you are applying to Ashfield District Council or   if it is Mansfield that you are applying to.

To get support from the council’s free impartial service:

Step 1: Register with Homefinder

Step 2: Complete the Homelessness triage form which appears at the bottom of your Homefinder Account page.

Step 3: Upload your ID to your account (see uploading a document to your application).

Step 4: be ready to take a call from your allocated officer. The number will start 01623 457… for Ashfield applicants and 01623 463… for Mansfield applicants.

Step 5: Take all actions advised by the officer and they will let you know what their actions will be.

Please keep in mind that we will support everyone but:

  • there aren't enough resources to accommodate everyone immediately.
  • where appropriate it is the best solution (financially and emotionally) to keep you in your current home.
  • social housing is limited so we will support you with all options including in the private rented sector.