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Prioritising applications


Your completed Housing Application will be assessed on the basis of your current housing needs.

If you are eligible to join Homefinder you will be placed in one of five housing need bands. these bands reflect how urgently you need to move.

If you have an emergnecy need to move, such as you cannot be discharged home from hospital, you may be placed in Band 1. If you have no housing needs you may be placed in Band 5.


BAND 1 Applicants with a severe or emergency need for rehousing, for example applicants who cannot be discharged home from hospital


Applicants with urgent housing needs, for example if you are overcrowded by 2 or more bedrooms

Applicants with a low housing need, for example if you are overcrowded by 1 bedroom

BAND 4 Applicants with a housing need but whose behaviour affects their suitability to be a tenant, for example someone with a housing related debt.
BAND 5 Applicants who are suitably housed










A summary of who we place in each band is available. For full details of the banding process please see the Homefinder Lettings Policy.

If you do not agree with the assessment of your application, you may ask for it to be reviewed.

Details of how to ask for a review will be included in the banding decision letter you receive.