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Cookies and this website

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You can bid for up to 2 properties in each weekly advertising cycle. You do not have to bid and we would only encourage you to do so if you would be interested in taking the property if you were offered it.

It does not matter when during the advertising cycle you place your bids, you just need to make sure you place them before the cycle ends. It can be an advantage to wait and place your bids towards the end of the cycle as you will have a better understanding of how popular a property is and where best to place your bids. At the end of the advertising cycle bids are normally put  housing need band order, with those in band 1 placed at the top..

You can change, move or delete your bids during the advertising cycle.

Some properties may be advertised to particular groups of applicants. For example, a wheelchair adapted bungalow may be advertised to wheelchair users only. This helps to ensure landlords are making the best use of their limited stock. 

You will need to be logged in to your account to place your bids and to make any changes.