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To be considered for rehousing and to search and bid for properties you must first Register with us.

Registration is a 2 stage process;

  • Stage 1 - Register your household
  • Stage 2 - Complete a Housing Application
You need to complete both processes in order to submit your Application.

When you add your household details you will be given a Homefinder reference number and you will be asked to chose a memorable date. You will need to remeber both so that you can log in and manage your account.

Once you have submitted your details we will check that you are eligible to join the Housing Register and if you are your Housing application will be assessed and placed in 1 of 5 housing need bands. Applicants with an emergency need for rehousing are normally placed in Band 1. those with a lower level of need are placed in lower bands, down to those with no identified housing need who are placed in band 5.

Once assessed we will write to you to confirm

  • Your band and reason for the band
  • Your effective date - this will be the date you were placed in the band.
  • Your local connection
  • Any other requirements - for example if you are eligible for a property with a wetroom or stair lif

The letter will also advise you what you need to do next to search and bid for properties and to understand how Homefinder works.